Ideas for Plywood in Interior Design

In a nutshell, plywood is a masterminded wood made from thin sheets of veneer. Typically, the sheets are put together in alternating right angles to form a cross-grain design. That helps to add strength to the material.

Plywood is mostly used in manufacturing and construction. You can find this material in large buildings and home interiors. If you are asking yourself if you should choose this material over other alternatives, don’t worry. In this article, you will learn about various types of plywood and how to use them.

I. Aircraft Plywood

Aircraft plywood is said to be among the highest-grade and the most long-lasting material ever in the market. This type of wood uses hardwoods such as birch or mahogany to produce a robust finished piece that can withstand moisture and heat.

This design contains a thin veneer that helps it be light and flexible while producing strength for the furniture that needs to hold a lot of weight. Aircraft plywood is mostly found in projects requiring industrial-strength woods such as boats and airplanes, to mention but a few.

II. Softwood Plywood

This plywood is made using softwoods like redwood, cedar, and pine. These plywoods are strong and have various uses in sub-roofing, exterior frame sheathing, and roof sheathing. You can also use softwood plywood to create forms such as doghouses, sheds, temporary flooring, among others.

III. Overload

Unlike other plywoods, overload plywood uses the structure of regular sheets with veneers attached. On the other hand, these sheets have an overload face that gives it a finished look. However, the finished covering is not meant for decoration but rather to provide the panels with a solid surface that is also smooth. That is for protecting it from water or any other particles from damaging the sheets. Several designers choose to work for plywood and for a reason (see for more information).

The coating also ensures that the wood can cope with scratches and other abrasions during construction. Usually, the exterior surfaces are bonded to other veneers through an act of heat and pressure. High-density or medium-density panels make a finished project more robust and long-lasting compared to traditional plywood. But, high-density overload panels are more expensive than medium-density panels since they have more resin.

IV. Structural Plywood

This wood is also referred to as sheathing plywood and requires strong adhesives to maintain the piles together. Although they cannot withstand weather, you can use structural plywood on the inside or outside of the building. They are a low-cost option compared to other woods since they have a Cor D grade only.



Check Out These Easy Eater Decoration Tricks

The Easter holiday is a time for positive thoughts and new beginnings, so celebrate the season by bringing Easter cheer into your home.


When you think of Easter, you think of pastels, but you don’t have to go overboard with pastels shades if that is not your style. Just use your homes existing color palette and build on that. Choose decorations that compliment your existing theme all while adding a little seasonal cheer.


Add some happiness to you door. Choose a wreath or hanger that fits in with your theme. An egg or flower wreath or just a wooden bunny shaped hanger can add seasonal pizzazz to the front of your house.


Add eggs of every color and size to a basket and put it on display around your home. Don’t just think plastic eggs, you can color eggs using a variety of methods to get the color you desire, place them in a basket or vase and display for all to see.

Outside In

Bring some of the outside in. Create a beautiful botanical display by placing colorful flowers and greenery in a vase or basket. These make a gorgeous centerpiece or simply put them on display to add that springtime touch to your room.


Brighten your space by changing out your linens for more spring themed colors. The use of blues, pinks, or florals always create a springtime feel.


Think vintage. The use of vintage materials makes a great addition to your table. Place a vintage vase or cake stand filled with flowers or sweet treats in the center of your table. Add a pretty ribbon and wow your friends and family. (An old mason jar makes a great vase)


Throw a Easter themed party. Invite all your friends and family over and go all out with a bunny cake and flower shaped cookies. This will definitely impress your guests.


Add framed quotes or pictures around your home that make you think of Easter or springtime. You can even do them in seasonal colors.


Spruce up your fireplace. Warmer weather may mean little to no fires but don’t neglect your fireplace. Make it the centerpiece of your room by adding Easter garland to your mantel, spring scented candles, framed art, or flower arrangements to bring the season alive.


Switch out you winter throw pillows for Easter themed ones. Pillows with quotes, flowers, or bunnies, make a great addition to your sofas or chairs. You can also switch out your bedding and add some pillows to brighten up your bedroom.

Easter themed decorations are a great way to spruce up your home this holiday season. These Easter decorating ideas will have your home bright and beautiful in no time.


Best Online Furniture Shops

Purchasing goods online, especially furniture, is full of many uncertainties. You cannot sit on a sofa and note how comfortable or jump on the bed to be sure of how strong it is before purchasing. Again one is never sure whether they would get what they have ordered for or not.

One tip about online shopping, continuously check the reviews and ratings of the store’s website. Fraudsters are all over, and doing due diligence before purchase would save you from falling for them. There are many only online furniture stores; However, here are five of them that you can choose from if you have trouble identifying where to purchase your furniture.

1 Amazon

Is there anything that cannot be found on Amazon?If there is anything not on amazon, furniture is not one. The enterprise boasts an impressive home goods section where you can get your desired home furniture from tons of brands.

Your young ones are not left behind as it also has a section of kid’s furniture full of every furniture your kid would enjoy using. The furniture is sold at a throwaway price; for example, the cost of sofas begins at $184.01, and most of the items ate viable for free delivery.

2. Wayfair

Are you looking for something aesthetic for your space? Wayfair is the store to go to. Its prices are way too fair and boast of a vast collection of items ranging from furniture, décor to appliances. They also custom upholstery in case you need something unique for your home.

What it means by affordable furniture is, for example, a dresser can be priced from $47.99 while at the same time shipping is free for items above $35.

3. Burrow

If you are looking for flexible and expandable furniture, Burrow is the store to go to. The store offers furniture like sofas, shelving units, coffee units, accessories, and lighting.When you have Burrow furniture in your house, moving it from one home to another is very easy as you can dismantle, rearrange the furniture and carry piece by piece.

4. Poly and Bark

While shopping for furniture for every room in your house, from the living room, kitchen, dining room, and bedroom, Poly and Back is your to-go place. The store offers a wide variety of furniture, including armchairs, dining sets, dressers, accent lights, décor, and sofas. The store offers affordable prices, and it is the place to go for a first-time homeowner who does not have a lot of money to spend on furniture.

5. Tylko

You cannot go wrong with your furniture choice if you visit The store provides fresh ideas for home and living, suiting exemplary on your interior designs with the current trends.